Phyto Phytoelixir Hair Treatment Cleansing Care Cream

By Phyto ParisBarcode: 3338221000637


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PhytoElixir for Ultra-Dry Hair

For ultra-dry hair, this super concentrated, non-lathering cream gently cleanses the hair and scalp while infusing hair with an unprecedented dose of care. Infused with narcissus flower wax to nourish and soften and rich macadamia oil to provide long-lasting anti-dryness protection, dry, thick hair gets instant nourishment leaving it soft and supple without the need to condition after.

  • Nourishes and strengthens
  • Replenishes and protects
  • Hydrates and improves elasticity


How To Use

Apply a small amount to wet or dry hair. Massage gently into the scalp and distribute throughout hair. Rinse thoroughly for two minutes. Do not use conditioner after. Phyto recommends that ultra-dry hair shouldn't be washed more than 2 or 3 times a week.

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