It’s the start of a new year and you’ve promised to be a much improved version of yourself with a sea of offers for Veganuary on every blog post and social media platform, have you taken the leap to go clean?
The term Clean Beauty has defined our buying options in recent years but what does it really mean? Is it the many products with unsubstantiated claims to be free-from nasties, less harmful or simply a fear mongering gimmick to drive sales. In a society where consumerism is at it’s ‘woke’ or awareness pinnacle we are increasingly knowledgeable about what we put in our bodies.

Don’t get me wrong, I love brand awareness and their pledges to remove potentially ‘unsafe’* ingredients from our shelves but shouldn’t we be more aware of what’s in it – rather than what isn’t?
The fact is since 2017 it’s been illegal for a product to advertise as being ‘Free-From’, No SLS, No Parabens and the array of listings seen on our packages. This is quite confusing, while I advise our customers to arm themselves with information of what they would rather see in a products than the current trend of what’s not – I can’t help but wonder if consumers know much about the new ingredients the old ‘nasties’ have been replaced with?

Labelling is a minefield e.g Vegan Friendly subscribes itself to a user group and brands surprisingly get away with adding these logos if some* products are vegan. The all important and widely recognisable bunny for ‘cruelty free’ is a certificate of association therefore lack of it does not necessarily mean the product is tested on animals, applying companies must meet a set of cruelty-free standards, sign legal documents, and submit proof of documentations per ingredients to ensure compliance and payment of the licensing fees.

The term ‘Clean’ advocates to the idea other products are dirty… but is all chemical bad?
I see the positives of the word clean in cosmetics but it’s also a bit too wishy-washy!
Think about sustainable packaging for a moment; when it comes to cosmetics due to the nature of certain products, it can be quite tricky to make them fully recyclable without compromising the quality and shelf life e.g colour cosmetic palettes with magnetic hinges. There are many plastic free alternatives such as Faith in Natures shampoo bars.
Brands are working behind the scenes to do more including the use of biodegradable bamboo packaging.

Let’s champion science and brands backed with scientific facts, data and evidence.

Essentially, every skincare enthusiast is after a product what works, if the belief of growing some your skincare ingredients in your veg patch works for you then I must applaud your dedication. For products to reduce fine lines, psoriasis and hyperpigmentation look to data backed science and don’t rush to throw out your ‘dirty’ products just yet!



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