Jade Facial Roller

By DanielleBarcode: 5056223101401



The ultimate facial care tool helps to improves skin elasticity.

The jade stone helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, while the gentle pressure promotes blood circulation, boosts collagen and helps to reduce puffiness.

Over time, skin should appear lifted and more radiant.

For further relaxation, place in the refrigerator for a cooling sensation to help increase and stimulate collagen production.

How To Use

• Wash face prior to use, + dry thoroughly
• For optimal performance, apply 1-2 layers of moisturising serum, gel or cream
• Place the large roller against skin + roll over cheeks, forehead, chin + neck for 3-5 minutes
• For smaller areas like lips and under-eyes, move the small roller slowly + gently in a back + forth motion from the inner to outer corne

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