The go-to serum favoured by dermatologists, an antioxidant combo reduces fine lines and wrinkles and reverses environmental ageing. Backed by copious clinical studies and is greatly effective in fighting free-radical damage. They’re also packed with ingredients that work hard to protect, brighten, and boost your skin health without breaking you out. Medki8 is our standout hero with some industry leading and potent products.

Super Hand Serum


For sensitive skin that isn’t breakout prone but still craves the free-radical-fighting benefits of a powerful antioxidant, we recommend Institut Esthederm Intensive Vitamin E² Serum. It’s a great antioxidant which reduces the appearance of pores and residual marks. Look out for lattice acid which are slow release and doesn’t cause irritation.


Start using retinol is your late 20s, prevention is better than cure. There are variations and different strengths starting at 0.3% for novices and sensitive types. Be sure to follow a retinol ladder, allowing your skin to adjust. A hard-working serum, thanks to a potent yet non-irritating formula that addresses visible signs of ageing from the inside out. Apply at night and avoid using with other actives, can be layered with hyaluronic acids for added hydration. Bakuchiol peptides are a natural alternative to retinol which can be used AM + PM.