How is it September already? the last few months seem to have just sped by as we try to navigate these unchartered times.

This month in Powder, we are refocusing on skin repair finding ways replenish skin around the eyes; if you were fortunate enough to get away this summer, discover rejuvenating skincare rich in vitamin C and hylauronic boosters.

Like most of us a stolen moment to create an effortless routine from a cocktail of beauty products has been a essential as we forge on for days ahead.
This is the time to make a statement with our eyes as we are all wearing masks, touches of natural coverage or bold if you dare has made eye makeup the go to. Invest in a colour palette and a truly invisible concealer to create the look.

There has been a shift and focus on the delicate eye area as we see a decline in lipstick sales due to its incompatibility with wearing masks.
Continious and prolonged use of phones and laptop while most of us continue to work from home has boosted the sales of eyesore products in beauty.
Effects of blue light emitting from our devices is bad for our skin and research confirms it’s one of the caused of premature ageing, as well as UVA & UVB exposure. These are the silent agers of our generation requiring the same protection previously reserved for sun exposure.
With close proximity to our devices (we check our phones / computers on average about 150 times a day) blue light has the ability to penetrate deeper than UVA & UVB light.

TIP: if your device has a night mode feature use this, it’s your unlikely anti-aging feature!

With the nights drawing in we all love to binge watch our favourites shows in bed but remember to do so with the right eye care products. Here are the supercharge eye care you should be sleeping with – no need to wake up from a binge hungover around your eyes.

The eyes have it.
A highly concentrated eye serum which intensively moisturises, smooths wrinkles and fine lines. Refresh dark eye and shadows with Institut Esthederm’s Intensive Hyaluronic Eye Contour.

For brightening repair Balance Me & Dermalogica

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