It’s exam season and the stress of preparation can wreak havoc on teen skin. A weekly routine will help combat the spread of bacteria which often results in acne and spot production, and can also dry out your skin.

About 80% of teenagers are affected by acne which can plague areas such as the face, shoulders, chest and back. Although acne is primarily seen as a teen disorder, it can also affect adults and in later years can be caused by stress, diet, hormones or lifestyle. Fuelled by fluctuating hormones and an increased sebum production, bacteria and dead skin cells create a perfect storm to clog pores and cause inflammation.

Balance ME Skincare
A four step routine to help calm
breakouts and bring balance to hormonal skin.
Dermalogica Clear Start
Hydrate and defend against harmful UV rays without clogging pores.
Institut Esthederm -Osmoclean
The extreme range carefully cleanses even the most sensitive skin in one swift move.

Morning Routine

If you’re usually pressed for time, start your day with a clean face, wash with a cleanser specially formulated to help fight the spread of bacteria on the skin. Target any active blemishes with a spot treatment or control gel. Follow up with a mattifying moisturiser, topped with an effective sun protection. Dermalogica’s Clearing Defence SPF30 is a brilliant ultra-lightweight formula and provides a long-lasting matte finish as well as protecting breakout-prone skin.

Evening Routine

Double Cleanse – First cleanse is to wash off sweat, pollution or any colour cosmetic products. The equally important second cleanse will return your skin to it’s natural PH levels. Using a toner with at least 2% salicylic acid will help to clear pores and eliminate any lingering bacteria.

Finish off with a hydrating moisturiser to stop targeted areas from drying out. If a spot blemish treatment is required, apply that last. We’re often at pains insisting teens follow these routines. Realistically, missing one step is okay but consistency is key to looking fresh faced.

Lastly, Good Luck to your teens in their summer exams!

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